About Us

Grobler & Associates was founded by Eward Grobler (Pr. Eng.) in 1998. The consulting engineering firm is based in Hermanus, Western Cape. Grobler & Associates has experience in several different fields of civil engineering, mainly focussing on the structural engineering of residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Communication with project stakeholders and providing on site supervision to projects is essential. Priorities lie in finding optimal and practical solutions by considering cost, time and quality, all while maintaining a professional standard.


Grobler and Associates offers a wide variety of services, including:

  • Preliminary site investigations and consultations with the designer to find suitable solutions and establish design principles
  • The design, detailing and monitoring of
    • Founding structures
    • Slab construction on ground
    • Single and multi-storey buildings for the residential, commercial and industrial markets in concrete, steel or timber
    • Retaining structures
    • Water- retaining structures
    • Roof structures
  • Interpretation of Geotechnical Investigation by specialists
  • Ground rehabilitation and densification, and creation of building platforms
  • Investigation and reporting on the structural stability and integrity of existing structures
  • The provision of general building advice and assistance
Working in our office building, with potential for collaboration, are AVDM Consulting Engineers focussing on civil and infrastructure works, and Geotechnics Africa, Engineering Geologists.